Urban Crunch have sought to understand more about our target market’s wants. We recognise that many in the pub/bar sector prefer to sell loose nuts to their customers.  So as part of the Urban Crunch offer, a customer can purchase loose nuts either in 3kg, 5kg resealable buckets.  The nuts/snacks would be kept fresh in the sealed buckets, then scooped at point of order into either a c.70g Urban Crunch branded paper cup, or a c.100g one.

The cups are given free as long as the customer buys a minimum of £60 per order.

Buying loose nuts does not limit the customer to just the five flavours in the Urban Crunch packets.  The entire Sunburst Snack range is on offer giving the customer flexibility and customisation to exactly what they prefer to offer their customers.  The number of cups provided to the customer will depend on the amount bought, but we will ensure that the customer has enough bowls to sell everything they have bought.