The Urban Crunch brand was produced because we had a large interest coming from the catering industry for our tasty nuts and snack products. More and more high end pubs, bars, event planners and conscientious business owners wanted good value¬†attractively displayed nut & snack products that would better reflect and engage their clientele. We carefully selected Britain’s most popular snacks and produced “Urban Crunch” – Flavoursome, hot & just sublimely tasting roasted nuts and snacks that your customers will just love.

We have designed colourful, funky & clearly displayed packets to make your customers mouth water. You will be happy to know our products come with excellent profit margins, helping add value to your business.

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Sunburst Snacks is a London based company that roasts, packs and distributes dried fruit, nuts and snacks. Due to much demand from bars, pubs & the hospitality sector, we have launched our¬†exciting new range of “Urban Crunch” snacks, which are selectively chosen & designed for this market.

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